Amazon Magento 2 Integration

Amazon Magento 2 Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I delete imported orders from the list in Manage Amazon Orders and import them again?  
  2. Do we have to pay anything extra after taking the annual subscription of this extension?  
  3. Does this extension supports FBA ?  
  4. Does this integration supports real-time inventory sync?  
  5. From where Amazon Orders can be managed in the Magento 2 Admin Panel?  
  6. From where can I manage my Accounts?  
  7. How can I get 5 stars reviews on my Amazon Products?  
  8. How Magento 2 stock will be synced to stock, stock?  
  9. How to get the seller account for Amazon?  
  10. How to import orders by specific status e.g. "unshipped" ?  
  11. How to know the reason if a product is not getting uploaded on Amazon?  
  12. How to sync Products between Amazon and Magento 2 store?  
  13. How to sync shipments for Amazon?  
  14. I see that Order Cron is enable, and I see that some orders in Manage Amazon Orders still has status failed. What is the reason behind this issue?  
  15. In Amazon Feeds: what is the Feed File? What means that we can resend it? What will it do? What is the Response File? What does the feed sync mean?  
  16. In Magento Crons: there is information that "3087 records found" but the list is empty with message: "We couldn't find any records." Why?  
  17. In Manage Amazon Orders you can sync amazon orders - what that mean exactly? What this sync will do  
  18. Is deleting some orders from the list safe? Won't it delete the whole order on Amazon? Or have another unwanted impact?  
  19. Is the synchronization of products between Magento and Amazon always one-sided: from Magento to Amazon (and not vice versa)?  
  20. User-guide of Amazon Magento 2 Integration ?  
  21. What are the conditions for the rejection of orders on Amazon?  
  22. What are the trending products on Amazon ?  
  23. What is Amazon Report?  
  24. What is Bulk Action Feature in Amazon?  
  25. What is meant by Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)?  
  26. What is the minimum requirement for import orders to work correctly? Do you need all Amazon products to be assigned to specific profiles? Is it necessary to upload products? Is it necessary to synchronize products? Pricing? quantity? pictures?  
  27. What means rows in Amazon Queue that you can see in screen below, why the type is Product Inventory? Will these jobs execute? If yes then why? And what will be effect?  

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