CedCommerce Marketplace

CedCommerce Marketplace is a multi vendor shopping platform. Where multiple vendors can come across and sell there products. This section is meant for the query resolution and Frequently asked questions answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can Admin control the vendor approval after creation of any vendor?  
  2. Can Admin control vendor product's approval?  
  3. Can admin create more attributes for vendor registration and vendor edit profile form?  
  4. Can I use Ced Theme for our website?  
  5. Can vendor create attributes and attribute sets?  
  6. Can vendor register by himself ?  
  7. Can vendor sell digital (downloadable) product with this extension?  
  8. Can vendor set shipping methods and shipping cost for his products?  
  9. Can Vendors process their "order" and can create "shipment" ?  
  10. Can we restrict resources on vendor panel?  
  11. Can you please explain me the "refund" process?  
  12. Does vendor will be able to manage the taxes?  
  13. How Admin make payment to the vendors?  
  14. How Commission Rates are managed?  
  15. How many product types are supported in marketplace extension?  
  16. How the shipping is managed in this Marketplace Extension?  
  17. How to change CSMarketplace Vshop banners?  
  18. How we can add custom fields in vendor registration form ?  
  19. Is admin allowed to add vendor ?  
  20. Is Marketplace Basic extension is compatible with Enterprise version?  
  21. Is Multi website supported by Multivendor Marketplace extension?  
  22. Is this extension is open source,can we update code by our self?  
  23. Is vendor approval is required each time when vendor is created?  
  24. Not able to install the extension from the downloader panel of magento?  
  25. Vendor can see the report of sales order and products?  
  26. What versions of magento are supported by Marketplace Extension?  
  27. Will vendor have access to admin account ?  

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