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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there any restrictions on shopping at  
  2. Can I delete products on JET?  
  3. Can I easily adjust product description, title, images etc. once a product is live?  
  4. Can I edit SKU value for my product?  
  5. Changing JET API provider to Cedcommerce, how to switch?  
  6. Do you provide any functionality to update price of each products?  
  7. Does Jet offer any tax exemptions?  
  8. How does Jet calculate sales tax?  
  9. How much time jet will take to make product live on  
  10. How to map shopify product type with Jet category?  
  11. How to Reject jet orders?  
  12. How to upload the products on ?  
  13. I have an order on Jet but it is not synced in app?  
  14. I have archived my product still it has quantity,I am receiving orders for this product, please help?  
  15. I have more than 100 products only few products are imported to your app?  
  16. I have variation type products, How can I upload varaint product upload on  
  17. I want real time inventory synchronization, when customer place an order from shopify then inventory must be reduced on our store as well as on  
  18. I want to remove a product temporarily from and I don’t want to archive it. How should I do?  
  19. I want to update prices of my products on Jet using your app. How can I do it?  
  20. I’m trying to edit product pricing but it doesn’t change, also the order are not fulfilling. Why? Is there any problem with app?  
  21. My most of the products are excluded,why are they excluded in your app,now they are not listed in jet?  
  22. My most of the products are showing as unauthorized,I don't know the reason. I am unable to sell most of my premium products.  
  23. My products are shown on with different description and images than what I submitted via GeekSeller.  
  24. My products are under review from many days why are they not getting live on jet?  
  25. My shop is FBA integrated, do you sync jet order on my FBA ?  
  26. Product status showing as "Under Jet Review" status.  
  27. There are some product(s) which is not mine but shows under my product category at  
  28. What are mandatory information(s) regarding jet product uploads ?  
  29. What is dynamic pricing feature? OR I am not getting my orders, what is the reason?  
  30. What is Jet's shipping and return policy?  
  31. Why does the cost is lower to pay from debit card that credit card?  
  32. Why prices on are different from what I provided?  

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