Walmart-Shopify Integration

Walmart-Shopify Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I delete any of my product from Walmart?  
  2. Can I edit the value of SKU of my product?  
  3. How can I disable the free shipping from my products on Walmart?  
  4. How much time will it take to make product publish on  
  5. I am getting the emails of every order that is acknowledged. But I don't want any email regarding acknowledging orders. From where do I stop it?  
  6. I changed the inventory of one of my product nearly an hour ago on Shopify store from 5 to 9. Although the change showed up immediately in your app, but Walmart still shows 5.  
  7. I have changed the image of my products on my Shopify store. How will it be reflected on your app and on  
  8. I have completed the configuration set up even then my products are not getting published. They are under Stage state and not uploaded. What is the reason behind this?  
  9. I have many products and all having the same tax code. How can I set the universal tax code?  
  10. I have more than 100 products but only a few products are imported to your app. Why?  
  11. I use shipstation to pull in orders, but since it also pulls in Shopify orders, they show up twice. How do I stop the Walmart orders from going to Shopify? I'd like to be able to see orders in shipstation from where they come from.  
  12. I want to set the special price or offer price of my product on but it is displaying my offer price as actual price. How can I show both the price i.e, Offer price and actual price on Walmart?  
  13. If I have variation products, how can I upload variant on Walmart?  
  14. Many of my products are under "Not uploaded" stage. When I upload then it shows "Products successfully uploaded" but when I update feed all the products are shown under "Item failed". Why is it so?  
  15. My most of the products are Unpublished and not showing on, Why are they Unpublish? What does this mean?  
  16. My products status is "Item Processing" from many days, how much time will take to Publish the products on Walmart?  
  17. What are the Products ID's (Product Identifiers) that are accepted by the  
  18. When a customer places an order from Shopify Store then the inventory is reflected on and app?  

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