Sears Magento Integration

Sears Magento Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. After uploading the product no errors files were generated but still the product was not listed on Sears ?  
  2. Can we add tier price on Sears using Sears-Magento Integration extension ?  
  3. How a merchant can send Return request if a customer return the product/order directly to the merchant without the involvement of ?  
  4. How can we add discounts for the products to be uploaded on sears ?  
  5. How can we archive(close)(disable)/unarchive(reopen)(enable) the products ?  
  6. How can you assign Category to Product ?  
  7. How does the product upload process works?  
  8. How to Acknowledge and Reject orders generated on ?  
  9. How to configure/set Sears API setting in Magento Admin Panel ?  
  10. How to create Sears Attributes ?  
  11. How to create the shipments from placed orders ?  
  12. How to get API credentials ?  
  13. How to install Sears Magento Extension into your Magento?  
  14. How to know the error if a product is not getting uploaded on ?  
  15. How To Know the Reasons of failed sears orders ?  
  16. How to map an already existing non-sears category to a Sears category?  
  17. How to set up configuration settings ?  
  18. How to upload the products on from Magento?  
  19. How variation products are uploaded on Sears?  
  20. What are the necessary information regarding product uploads ?  
  21. What is Return procedure for completed orders ?  
  22. What is the use of Brand in the Sears ?  
  23. What may be the reason for the uploaded product to be Under Review on ?  
  24. Why “Sears Product Status” is empty in Magento-Sears Admin panel?  

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