Indian Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension [M2]

The Indian Multi-Vendor Marketplace extensions package [M2] consists of many extensions (like Vendor Group addon, Vendor attribute addon etc), different shipping methods and payment modules that converts your website to excellent marketplaces like Flipkart and Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can a cashback amount received, expires after a given frame of time?  
  2. Can a customer give feedback, review and rate a Vendor?  
  3. Can a customer return a product ?  
  4. Can a customer transfer the money in his wallet to another customer’s wallet?  
  5. Can a vendor add his FB and Twitter link?  
  6. Can a vendor add videos for a product?  
  7. Can a vendor create his products ?  
  8. Can admin apply different commission rates for different groups ?  
  9. Can admin charge extra fees from Vendor?  
  10. Can admin restrict a vendor group to a specific limit on product creation?  
  11. Can Admin send one message to multiple addresses at a single time ?  
  12. Can Vendor requests from Admin for his pending amount ?  
  13. Does a payment can be directly received by a Vendor ?  
  14. Does a Vendor is able to sell other vendor’s product?  
  15. Does a vendor is allowed to be a part of two groups at the same time?  
  16. Does a Vendor is allowed to create custom attribute for his products?  
  17. Does a vendor/customer can register using social login?  
  18. Does Indian Multivendor Marketplace extension supports Wallet system ?  
  19. Does Multi Vendor marketplace supports Multi language and Multi currencies?  
  20. Does Multi vendor marketplace supports RTL theme for Vendor Panel?  
  21. Does Multi website is supported by Indian Multi-vendor Marketplace extension ?  
  22. Does the price of extension is one time or recurring?  
  23. Does using marketplace extensions requires programming knowledge as well?  
  24. How can a vendor upload products in bulk?  
  25. How does GST is calculated in Vendor GST Addon?  
  26. Is it possible to generate separate invoices for a single order having products with different sellers?  
  27. Is it possible to reduce commission for a specific vendor?  
  28. What are the major events when SMS alerts can be sent?  
  29. What is Intra-State & Inter-state during GST calculation?  
  30. What is the benefit of Pincode checker?  
  31. Where does the GST details can be displayed?  

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