Advance Multivendor Marketplace Extension [M2]

Advance Marketplace Extension is a custom made Magento2 marketplace solution to aid you to create B2C marketplace in which it consist a platinum package along with 21 addons that really helps to extend your introduction in e-commerce world like flipkart, ebay etc

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can a cashback amount received expires after a given frame of time ?  
  2. Can a customer give feedback, review and rate a Vendor ?  
  3. Can a customer return a product ?  
  4. Can a vendor add his FB and Twitter link ?  
  5. Can a vendor add video for a product ?  
  6. Can a vendor create his product ?  
  7. Can a Vendor requests from Admin for his pending amount ?  
  8. Does a customer can transfer the money in his wallet to another customer’s wallet ?  
  9. Does a payment can be directly received by a Vendor ?  
  10. Does a Vendor is able to sell other vendor’s product ?  
  11. Does a Vendor is allowed to create custom attribute for his products ?  
  12. Does a vendor/customer can register using social login ?  
  13. Does an Admin can send a message to multiple addresses at a single time ?  
  14. Does an Admin charge extra fees from Vendor ?  
  15. Does Marketplace Advance supports Wallet system ?  
  16. Does Multi Vendor marketplace supports Multi language and Multi currencies ?  
  17. Does Multi vendor marketplace supports RTL theme for Vendor Panel ?  
  18. Does Multi website is supported by Marketplace Advance package ?  
  19. Does reward points can be added back to the customer account when customer makes a refund.?  
  20. Does the cost of extension is one time or recurring ?  
  21. Does this package have a Support System for customers?  
  22. Does using marketplace extensions require programming knowledge as well ?  
  23. How can a vendor upload products in bulk ?  
  24. Is it possible to generate separate invoices for a single order having products with different sellers ?  
  25. Is it possible to reduce commission for a specific vendor ?  
  26. What are the major events when SMS alerts can be sent ?  
  27. What is the benefit of Pincode checker ?  

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