MultiVendor Marketplace Super Saver Kit [M2]

MultiVendor Marketplace Super Saver Kit for Magento 2 is a package which includes Marketplace Platinum Package and useful add-ons at a saving price.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. After how many errors (if there) in file, the importing process will stop ?  
  2. Can a vendor add his FB and Twitter links?  
  3. Can a vendor modify attributes while exporting CSV ?  
  4. Can a vendor upload products in bulk?  
  5. Can admin choose to show minimum price from different vendors on Product page ?  
  6. Can admin modify an attribute ?  
  7. Can customers give feedback, review and rate a Vendor?  
  8. Can the vendors add video for a product ?  
  9. Can vendors create thier new products ?  
  10. Does admin can be notified when a Vendor starts importing the products?  
  11. Does admin can sort orders of attributes ?  
  12. Does Admin’s approval is must after vendor selects a product of another vendor ?  
  13. Does Multi websites are supported by Multi-vendor Marketplace Super Saver Kit ?  
  14. Does MultiVendor Marketplace Super Saver Kit supports Multi language and Multi currencies?  
  15. Does MultiVendor Marketplace Super Saver Kit supports RTL theme for Vendor Panel?  
  16. Does the cost of extension is one-time or recurring ?  
  17. Does this addon supports for cross sell, up sell & related products ?  
  18. Does under “More Sellers” tab, ratings of other vendors are also available ?  
  19. Does using Multivendor marketplace extensions require programming knowledge as well ?  
  20. Does Vendor is allowed to create custom attribute for his products?  
  21. Does Vendors are able to sell other vendor’s product?  
  22. Does vendors/customers can register using social logins?  
  23. How many extra columns are required for importing Downloadable products ?  
  24. Is it possible to decrease commission for a specific vendor?  
  25. Is it possible to generate separate invoices for one order having products with different sellers?  
  26. What are the Input methods available for adding different attributes for a vendor’s detail ?  
  27. What are the product types that are allowed to upload by CSV ?  
  28. What is procedure of payment to the vendor?  
  29. What is the difference between “Vendor Product Attribute Addon” & “Vendor Attribute Addon” ?  
  30. What is the significance of “More Sellers” tab on a product page ?  
  31. What is use of “Check Data” button ?  
  32. Where these attributes are visible to a customer ?  

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