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How to enable global shipping with eBay?
Global Shipping Program you simply send your item to our domestic shipping center, and once it reaches, your job is done – for all eligible items they’ll manage the international shipping and customs process for you.

You must go through this link -

It’s easy we’ll show you with screenshots-
  1. Click on “My ebay” button for log on-

  1. Go click the “Account” button as highlighted here in this screenshots-

3) Click the "business policies" right on the left side of the page-

4) You should be able to find what you're looking for under "Site Policies > Shipping Preferences" instead:

Hit "edit" on the far right of "Offer the Global Shipping Program," and it should take you to a page to refine your preferences for the program:


 Last updated Tue, Jul 3 2018 8:21pm

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