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What is the item ID on Google Merchant center and how it affects my products over there?
  1. When we upload products on Google then we create a unique item id for those products using some of the attributes from Shopify such as Product container ID, product variant ID, SKU, etc.
  2. Google uses this Item ID for the uniqueness of its products. So when we update that product on merchant center or reupload that product on merchant center, then we need to prepare the same kind of item ID, otherwise on reuploading products duplicate product will be created on merchant center.
  3. Duplicacy issue usually occurs when any merchant uses different apps to upload products on Merchant center, as there are chances that different apps prepare item ID in different format.
  4. Our app gives you the functionality to customize your item ID to avoid this issue. To create a custom item ID goto Configuration section.

 Last updated Wed, Nov 20 2019 11:08am

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