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What is the reason for products being unpublished and not showing on
Following are the reasons for products being Unpublished and the actions that you can take to make then Published again
  • Main Image Missing: This occurs when some problem occurs while accepting the product on Walmart's end and they found no Main Image for your item.
    ACTION: Resubmit (Upload) this item with a valid Main Image.
  • Offer End Date Has Passed: This occurs when the set offer end date is passed.
    ACTION: Resubmit (Upload) this item with an Offer End Date further in the future.
    NOTE: The app set an Offer End Date automatically you just need to upload them from Manage products.
  • Price Parity Not Satisfied: A customer would save by purchasing the SKU on a competing website (Amazon, eBay, etc) from the identical Seller.
    ACTION: When unpublished item prices are back within an acceptable range, Walmart will automatically republish the item. Typically, it can take 1 - 15 minutes for your item to be republished.
  • Trust and Safety Violation: Your item is violating the rules and regulations of your Walmart Marketplace Retailer Agreement.
    ACTION: Please resubmit your item to meet the standards outlined in the Walmart Marketplace Retailer Agreement.
    NOTE: If this item would be considered a grocery or consumable item, this message may appear due to new restrictions described in the article Prohibited Products Policy.
  • An internal error occurred while publishing this item: A system error occurred while processing your item.
    ACTION: Resubmit (Upload) this item.

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