Frequently Asked Questions

Why sell on Wish?
Wish is an open Marketplace, so anyone can Sell on Wish easily, either you are a manufacturer or a drop-shipper. You can easily apply for Wish seller panel and create your store on Wish - Shopping Made Fun marketplace and since it’s an open marketplace, you will easily get approved there.

Follow the below steps to sell on Wish:
  • Go to the Wish Merchant Registration page
  • Enter your name
  • Enter the email address and choose the country your shop based in
  • Click on the Create button to create your store
  • Verify the account via your email address
  • Enter the other general information needed to set up your account
  • Upload your products by assigning the category of your products
  • Enter the payment methods and the payment gateways
  • Wish will review your products, they will be live once approved

 Last updated Wed, Nov 20 2019 11:29am

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