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Does the App support other currencies? / My store currency is in Euro, how will the app process it to Wish?
According to Wish, you need to send your currency in USD. If your store currency is something else rather then in USD, App will convert the currency in USD and send the converted one on Wish. When you will get an order, the price would be in USD.
When your order would be synced to the app then the currency would be again changed and order will sync to your Store with your Store currency price.
Store Currency (Euro) ---------------- App (Euro changed in USD) ---------------------
Wish (USD)
Wish Order (USD) ----------------------App (USD changed in Euro) ----------------------- Store Order (Euro)
App automatically works according to the current rate of Dollar but in case you want to put some other price in terms of conversion you can update it. Go to the Settings section and then Currency
Configuration. Edit the value of the currency and save the settings.

 Last updated Wed, Nov 20 2019 11:29am

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