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What are the Intellectual properties of Wish Marketplace?
If you are selling products of some other manufacturer or brands, you need to submit a Re-selling Authorization certificate in which you are approved to sell the goods of that manufacturer.
Selling products that mimic or allude to the intellectual property of others is prohibited. If a merchant lists counterfeit products, the products will be removed and their account faces fines and possible suspension. Here are some examples-
  • No items that directly mimic a brand or logo
  • No items that look like a brand or logo
  • No items that have been visually altered to conceal the brand or logo
  • No items that are modeled by famous celebrities or models
  • No items that display brand names in product photos
  • No items with blurred or covered faces.
  • Brand names must not added in your Titles as well as description of the descriptions.

 Last updated Wed, Nov 20 2019 11:29am

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