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Requirements and how to upload product on
To upload your products on, you just need to follow the below steps:

1. Category Mapping : You need to map categories of all the product types as if the Category is not Mapped, the Product will not be displayed on the app.

2. Attribute Mapping : In case of product variants, it is mandatory to map the “Attributes”.

3. Barcode : Make sure that your product have a barcode. Add barcodes to your product if the products do not have a barcode. You can add barcode from shopify store and then sync it to app, or add the barcode to individual product from edit product option.

4. Tax Codes: All the products must have valid taxcode. If your products do not have the taxcode then you can add taxcode from the “Edit” option of individual product.

5. Select Product and Upload : Select the product that you want to publish or upload on Then select “Upload Product” from the drop-down list then click on “SUBMIT” button. After your products Successfully Submitted to Walmart proceed to next step.

6. Walmart Feed Update : Click on "Products" from the menu, then click on “Walmart Feeds”. Update the recent feed that you had send to the After Updating the feed status you will be able to know whether your feed has been received, processed or in-process on Walmart’s end.

7. Product Status: Once your feed status is "Processed", you will be able to see the number of products that are successfully uploaded or published on Go to “Manage Product”, click on “Get Product Status” this will change your product status from "Not Uploaded" to "Published" if the product has been uploaded on Walmart.

 Last updated Wed, Nov 20 2019 11:46am

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