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What are mandatory information(s) regarding jet product uploads ?

The Necessary Information regarding Product uploads are:-

1) Every product must have least one combination : (Brand + BARCODE) or (Brand + ASIN) or (Brand + MPN).

Barcode: Must be one of the following values: GTIN-14 (14 digits), EAN (13 digits), ISBN-10 (10 digits), ISBN-13 (13 digits), UPC (1 2 digits).
ASIN: Must be Alphanumeric with length of 10
MPN: Manufacturer Part number provided by the original manufacturer of the merchant SKU.

2) Must Be unique SKU

3) Must be at-least one unique and valid product identifier (Barcode/ASIN /MPN)

4) Product SKU should not contain slash("/"), for separation merchants can use dash ("-") instead of slash.

5) Must have valid image url and image type should not be (multi-layer .png or .gif)

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