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How to archive(close)/unarchive(reopen) the products ?
To Archive(close) the product:-
If a merchant wants to close his uploaded product at any time after successful upload then it can be easily done. For this, the merchant needs to select the products from the Upload product Grid by selecting the checkboxes. After that he needs to select the Archive Selected from the Bulk Action.
That product will be archived successfully and its status will change to Archived. This product will be closed on and it will not appear on for purchase.

To Unachived(reopen) the product:- provides the ability to reopen closed products. For this, the merchant needs to select the archived products and then select Un-archive Selected option from Bulk Action. The selected product will be available again for purchase on

Merchant can archive or Un-archive individual product by selecting Edit section of the concerned product in Jet> Upload Product. Here merchant can see the Archive option if the product is uploaded on jet, and Un-archive Option if the product has been archived on jet.
Also there can be a condition that any how during testing or any other case Merchant can also directly archive and unarchive products using SKU of the product. Select Jet>Settlement> Archive/Unarchive Products Panel enter product SKU in archive or unarchive
section and click Archive or Unarchive Button respectively.

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