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How to configure/set Jet API setting and get Live Jet api credentials ?
In order to obtain the live mode credentials all the Test APIs should be run because Jet doesn’t provides Live Mode details until all the Test APIs have been setup.
If any merchant has created his account on and not enabled his API yet then he can enable his API panel from Jet > Jet Configuration .It will open a page , And you have to only click on “Enable Api” Button. The “Enable Api” button will be shown after all jet configuration details save.
After enable all jet api you can get live Credentials from here : and login to his account.

  • Click on API link to obtain the API key, Secret Key and Merchant Id.
  • Click on Fulfillment link to generate a Fulfillment Node as per Jet specifications to have a Jet Fulfillment Node Id .

And then save that live details in jet cofiguration settings, for upload product on live.

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