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How to create shipments from placed orders?
For shipment, we have added a tab ‘Ship by Walmart' from which the seller can create shipment for orders. The magento ship button will be hidden only if the order has been placed from

For this purpose :-

1. Go to Walmart >Walmart Orders. All the orders will be shown here.
2. Click Fetch Latest Walmart orders for manual fetch (Order Fetch also automated by cron job which runs every 10 min).
3. After successfully fetch orders, seller can select any acknowledged order in order to ship.
4. Click on Ship By Walmart option for shipping purpose.
5. Here the merchant needs to enter the tracking number, quantity ordered will be auto-filled.
6. In the quantity cancelled field, the merchant needs to enter the quantity he is not able to supply at the time of orders.
7. Product sku will reflect the sku of the ordered quantity.
8. If the merchant wants to send a Return location address then it can be done by selecting ‘yes’ from the drop-down.
9. It means if after order completion the customer generates a return request for this order then this product will be returned to the address       set in the return location configuration.
10. When the merchant clicks on the Ship button, the order will be shipped and its invoice and shipment will be created automatically in             Magento.
11. The status of order will change to Completed.

In case your orders are managed by, all orders will be directly shipped by shipstation which will reflect on both magento Walmart orders and Walmart orders.

 Last updated Sat, Dec 10 2016 12:03pm

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