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How a seller can send Return request if a customer return the product/order directly to the seller without the involvement of ?
To manage this type of return there is a panel ‘Jet Refund’:-
  • Select Jet > Jet Orders > Refund from the menu section to open the Refund Management page.
  • Click on "Get Updated Refund Status" button to get Updated Refund Status immediately.
  • Click on Create New Refund button to open Refund Information form.
  • This will open a form for entering the Refund related information.
    • Refund id
    • This is the refund id that merchant will get from after the refund request has been created. Merchant doesn’t needs to enter this at the time of refund creation.
    • Merchant Order Id
    • This is the order id for which return request has been generated.
    • Order item id
    • This is the item id that has been ordered.
    • Qty Returned
    • This is the total quantity that has been returned. It should not be more than shipped quantity.
    • Qty Refunded
    • This is the quantity that the merchant wants to refund. It should not be more than the returned quantity .
    • Refund tax
    • This is the tax applied on the products returned .
    • Refund Amount
    • This is the amount that jet has to return to the customer.
    • Shipping Cost
    • This is the shipping cost applied on the returned product.
    • Shipping tax
    • This is the shipping tax applied on the returned product.
    • Refund Feedback
    • This is the feedback that the merchant wants to send about the returned product.
    • Refund Reason
    • This is the reason why customer has returned the product.
  • And then click on "Submit Refund" button. A Success Message will be displayed after some time.



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