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How to set up the jet configuration settings ?
To set up the configuration setting:-
  • Click Jet > Configuration in the menu section to open Jet Configuration.
  • Enabled: Set Yes To display the module at front-end.
  • Enter API URL, API username (API User in Jet), API password (Secret in Jet)
  • Enter Fulfillment Node Id and Email Id.
  • Select Store which you want to integrate on Jet. 
  • Before saving the configuration settings, click on the Validate button to validate the “API User” and “Secret Key”.
  • In the Return Location, the merchant needs to enter the address where product has to be returned if any return is generated for completed orders.
To enter API details :- Go to API from left navigation menu in jet Partner Panel.
To enter Fulfillment Node Id :- Go to Fulfillment > Fulfillment Node Id from left navigation menu in the Jet Partner Panel.
These configurations are mandatory to set before integrating Magento 2 store with
This should be the first step after installing the extension on your site.


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