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How shipments can be created from placed orders ?
For shipment, we have added a tab β€˜Ship by Jetβ€˜ from which the merchant can create shipment for orders. This tab will be visible only if the order has been placed from
For this purpose :-
  • Go to Sales > Orders. All the orders will be shown here.
  • Click on the View button of the Pending order to open the Order View Page.
  • Click Acknowledge button to acknowledge the order and click Reject button to reject the order.
  • Click on Ship By Jet option for shipping purpose.
  • Here the merchant needs to enter the tracking number, quantity ordered will be auto-filled.
  • In the quantity cancelled field, the merchant needs to enter the quantity he is not able to supply at the time of orders.
  • Product sku will reflect the sku of the ordered quantity.
  • If the merchant wants to send a Return location address then it can be done by selecting β€˜yes’ from the drop-down.
  • It means if after order completion the customer generates a return request for this order then this product will be returned to the address set in the return location configuration.
  • When the merchant clicks on the Ship button, the order will be shipped and its invoice and shipment will be created automatically in Magento.
  • The status of order will change to Completed.


 Last updated Fri, Nov 17 2017 3:08pm

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