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Why “Jet Product Status” is empty in Magento 2-Jet Admin panel?
Follow the path as mentioned below:
Jet >> Manage Product >> Upload Product
The Jet Product Status is empty because upon installation of Magento 2-Jet extension the Catalog Product attribute- Jet_Product_Status is created that reflects the latest product status as on
Under Product Edit section the
tab appears that further leads to Jet Product Status dropdown.
Select the "Not Uploaded" option from the Jet Product Status dropdown before uploading any product on
Alternatively, you can apply the Mass Action dropdown option "Update Attributes" through Catalog >> Manage Product Grid
1) Select number of products which you wish to upload on
2) Select dropdown option "Update Attributes" and click on the Submit button.
3) Set Jet Product Status as "Not Uploaded".
4) Click on the Save button.

 Last updated Fri, Nov 17 2017 3:08pm

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