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How To Install Walmart-Extension in Magento 2?
To install the Walmart extension :-

  • Login to your ftp and go to Magento 2 root folder (generally present under public_html folder) 
  • Create new folder named code under app folder and under “code” folder create a folder named Ced.
  • Drag & Drop app/code/Ced/Walmart directory.
  • After successfully uploading the directory, the extension will be installed/upgraded. 
  • Now run the following upgrade command in “cmdphp bin/magento setup:upgrade
The Walmart Extension gets uploaded on your Magento 2.

Once the merchant installs this extension, Configuration settings will be created in his Magento admin panel’s System Configuration named as Walmart configuration’ under CedCommerce Extension tab.

As well as a menu will be added in the menu section named as Walmart that will consist of all the panel listing.
This extension will also create a tab in the product’s general tab named as which will list all the created attribute.

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