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How to create Sears Attributes ?
Before creating Sears Attributes it is necessary to create Sears Categories by uploading the CSV file.

If the Sears Categories are already created then:-

  • From Magento, admin panel menu select Sears > Manage Sears Attributes.
  • Click Import New Attribute button to automatically create all the attributes.
  • After updating all the categories and attributes go to Catalog > Manage Products and select all the products.
  • From the mass Action drop-down Select all the products, choose Update Attribute and click Submit button to update all the attributes and categories.
  • The Update Attribute page will appear. Scroll down to locate Sears Product Status field.
  • Tick the check-box next to "Change" so that all the products go to Not Uploaded state by default. Now click on Save Button.

 Last updated Tue, Nov 21 2017 11:53am

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