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How to Acknowledge and Reject orders generated on ?
When an order is generated on, then the merchant should notify that whether he is able to fulfill the orders or not.

For this purpose:-

  • Go to Sales > Orders. All the orders will be shown here.
  • Click on the View button of the Pending order to open the Order View Page.
  • Click Acknowledge button to acknowledge the order and click Reject button to reject the order.
  • If Acknowledge button is clicked then the admin cannot reject it.
  • If Reject button is clicked then it cannot be acknowledged and the Order Status will change to Cancelled.
As soon as the latest orders are fetched, a notification appears in the admin panel’s notification area and those orders get Auto-Acknowledged.This is done so that if the merchant is unable to acknowledge the orders within 2 hours then they don’t get rejected.

Whenever any one of the two buttons is clicked both of them get disabled after some time.

 Last updated Tue, Nov 21 2017 11:53am

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