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How a merchant can send Return request if a customer return the product/order directly to the merchant without the involvement of ?
To manage this type of return there is a panel ‘Sears Refund’:-

  • Select Sears > Sears Orders > Refund from the menu section to open the Refund Management page.
  • Click on "Get Updated Refund Status" button to get Updated Refund Status immediately.
  • Click on Create New Refund button to open Refund Information form.
  • This will open a form for entering the Refund related information.
    • Refund id This is the refund id that merchant will get from after the refund request has been created. The merchant doesn’t need to enter this at the time of refund creation.
    • Merchant Order Id This is the order id for which return request has been generated.
    • Order item id This is the item id that has been ordered.
    • Qty Returned This is the total quantity that has been returned. It should not be more than shipped quantity.
    • Qty Refunded This is the quantity that the merchant wants to refund. It should not be more than the returned quantity.
    • Refund tax This is the tax applied on the products returned .
    • Refund Amount This is the amount that sears have to return to the customer.
    • Shipping Cost This is the shipping cost applied to the returned product.
    • Shipping tax This is the shipping tax applied to the returned product.
    • Refund Feedback This is the feedback that the merchant wants to send the returned product.
    • Refund Reason This is the reason why the customer has returned the product.
And then click on "Submit Refund" button. A Success Message will be displayed after some time.

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