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How does the product upload process works?
Whenever a product is uploaded then it gets uploaded in the form of batches of 30 products each. If 100 products are uploaded (say) then 4 batches will be formed with 3 batches having 30 products and the last batch having 10 products. For every batch, 3 files are created which are present at root in the var > sears upload folder. So, if total 4 batches are there, then 12 files will be created. These files are then compressed and uploaded on

The 3 files include:-

inventory {timestap}.json, having details of the quantity of inventory of 30 products, according to the fulfillment node, which are mentioned in the SKU file

price {timestap}.json file, having the details of the price, according to fulfillment node, of those 30 products which are mentioned in the SKU file and

sku {timestap}.json file, having general details of those 30 products related to SKU, etc.

Whenever a product is not uploaded and some error is generated then it gets listed in the error files section which includes any one of the 3 files. The content of those files should be seen by the merchant to locate the product having the error so as to rectify those errors and resubmit the file.

After all the files are submitted to server, they then process those batch files. If all the information about the products is processed then the products are uploaded & moved to the Processing state otherwise the batch file is marked as "Processing with an error status.”

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