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How to map an already existing non-sears category to a Sears category?
To map an already existing category to a Sears category, go to Catalog > Manage Categories. Select the required category that needs to be mapped (should be a non-Sears category) and click on the "Sears Category Mapping" tab, where you need to select the required category from the drop-down, then click on Save Category button. Now go to Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes > Edit the required attribute > Sears Attribute Tab. Enter the “Attribute Id” of the Sears Attribute that has to be mapped with the Magento Attribute in the Sears Attribute Id field. Now click on the Validate button. When you map your Magento category, all products of the mapped category get listed in Manage Product grid of Sears.

 Last updated Tue, Nov 21 2017 11:53am

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