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How to install Houzz Extension in Magento?
To install the Houzz extension:-

  • Login to your Magento Admin Panel.
  • Select System >> Magento Connect >> Magento Connect Manager.
  • Magento Connect Manager login Panel Appears. Login with your Admin Credentials.
  • Unselect the "Put store on the maintenance mode while installing/upgrading/backup creation" option.
  • In "Direct package file upload" section browse the Houzz Extension package and click on upload.
  • The Houzz Extension gets uploaded on your Magento.  
Once the merchant installs this extension:-

  • Configuration settings will be created in his Magento admin panel’s System Configuration named as ‘Houzz configuration under CedCommerce Extension tab.
  • As well as a menu will be added in the menu section named as Houzz that will consist of all the panel listing.
  • This extension will also create a tab on the product’s general tab named as which will list all the created attribute.  

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