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How to Acknowledge and Reject orders generated on
When an order is generated on, then the merchant should notify that whether he is able to fulfill the orders or not.

For this purpose:-

  • Go to Houzz > Manage Orders -> View Houzz Orders.
  • Click on Fetch latest Houzz Orders button.
  • At a time of fetching orders request for acknowledge & reject automatically send to Houzz

Note: Request for acknowledge for all that product that are currently in stock or stock quantity is greater than ordered quantity. Request for reject for that product which is out of stock or stock quantity less than ordered quantity or product is disabled.

As soon as the latest orders are fetched, a notification appears in the admin panel’s notification area and those orders get Auto-Acknowledged.

This is done so that if the merchant is unable to acknowledge the orders within 2 hours then they don’t get rejected.

 Last updated Tue, Nov 28 2017 4:33pm

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