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What may be the reason for the uploaded product to be Under Review on ?
If the product is in the "Under Review" section of Wish for a long time then it may be because all the details of the product might not have been entered. Although it takes approximately 1 week for the products to go from "Under Review" section to Live Mode. To speed up the process, all the Wish attributes assigned to the product under tab on product edit page should have proper values and none of the attributes should be left blank. This way Wish will receive all the values for all the attributes. If Wish was looking for some attribute value which was causing the products to remain in "Under Review" section then by providing values for all the Wish attributes this problem may not occur and the products will go to Live Mode if no other issue happens to be on Wish.

Sometimes the products get stored in their backend but never get listed on the frontend as this is's internal issue which when gets resolved, the products start showing up at frontend.

 Last updated Thu, Nov 30 2017 12:29pm

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