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How to archive(close)(disable)/unarchive(reopen)(enable) the products ?
To Archive/Close/Disable the product:-
If a merchant wants to close his uploaded product at any time after successful upload then it can be easily done. For this, the merchant needs to select  the product from the product panel by selecting the check-box. After that he needs to select the archive action and click on the Submit button. That product will be archived successfully and its status will change to Archived. This product will be closed on and it will not appear on  for purchase.

To Unarchive /Reopen/Enable the product:- provides the ability to reopen closed products. For this, the merchant needs to select the archived product and then select Un-archive option from the Action drop-down and click on the Submit button. The selected product will be available again for purchase on

If the merchant wants he can archive or un-archive a single product also. To do this, the merchant needs to go to the View Detail action of the product from the product panel. If the product is open an Archive button will be shown. If the product is closed, the un-archive button will be shown. From here the merchant can choose a specified action as he wants.

Merchant can archive or Un-archive multiple products by selecting multiple products using check-box.



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