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How to set up the configuration settings ?
To set up the configuration setting:-
  • Click Jet > Configuration in the menu section to open Jet Configuration.
  • Enabled: Set Yes To display the module at front-end.      
  • Enter API URL, API username (API User in Jet), API password (Secret in Jet)
  • Enter Fulfillment Node Id and Email Id.
  • In the Return Location, the merchant needs to enter the address where product has to be returned if any return is generated for completed orders.
To enter API details :- Go to API from left navigation menu in jet Partner Panel.
To enter Fulfillment Node Id :- Go to Fulfillment > Fulfillment Node Id from left navigation menu in the Jet Partner Panel.
These configurations are mandatory to set before integrating Magento store with
This should be the first step after installing the extension on your site.

 Last updated Tue, Nov 3 2015 5:03pm

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