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How I do Attribute mapping?
First, you have to add a new profile, a seller needs to-

  • Go to Prestashop Admin Panel
  • On the left navigation bar, place the cursor on Mlibre Integration and you will see it getting expanded as below:
  • Click on Mlibre Profile and you will see the page as shown below:
  • Now click on Add New Profile. You will be taken to the page as shown below:
  • In the Profile code, enter the code for the profile you are making.
  • In the Profile name, enter the name of the profile.
  • Select Enable as the status to enable the profile.
  • Click on the Save button.
Now Click on Attribute
Mapping adjacent to the Category
Mapping tab, and you’ll come across a section as below:

  • In the select SKU, enter the store SKU.
  • In the Title, enter the title of the product.
  • Enter Price of the product.
  • Enter Quantity in the tags attribute.
  • Enter Description of the product.
  • Click on Save button, and the attribute mapping will be saved.

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