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How I do ebay Products settings?
To set up the eBay Profile settings in the PrestaShop Admin panel-
  • Go to the Prestashop Admin panel.
  • In the left navigation panel, place cursor on eBay Prestashop Module menu. The menu appears as shown in the following figure:


  • Once you click on the Products, you’re redirected to screen containing all the information and related operation you can perform on your Prestashop store products.
  • All of the information in the above screen is explained as below:

    Current Profile: Choose the profile where you want to make changes.
    Note: To figure out the profile, first figure out the account where you have saved the profile.
  1. ID: The auto-generated product ID for your products in the module.
  2. Name: The Name of the item.
  3. SKU: The unique identifier of the item.
  4. Final Price: The price of the item at eBay.
  5. Quantity: The total no of the quantity of the item.
  6. Status: The status of the item (as saved while creating product profile)
  7. eBay Status: The status of the product at eBay.
  8. eBay Item ID: The corresponding item ID of the product at eBay.
  9. Validity: The time duration for the item.
  10. Upload: Use this to upload individual items or the drop-down menu contains sync inventory price and delete at eBay functions achieves the same as suggested by their name.
  11. Bulk Options: This option achieves the same function as the one mentioned just above, the core difference is that you can use to perform the operations on the multiple products at once.
  12. Upload All: Or even better, use this button if you want to upload all of the listings at once on the eBay.
  13. 14. Sync All Inventory Price: This option syncs the inventory and pricing of all the items at once.
  14. Delete all: This function deletes all of the products at once.

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