Frequently Asked Questions

How to download Purchased Extension ?
In order to download your purchased extension follow the given steps:-

1. After Purchasing Extension Go to My account, If not logged in, Login in site
2. After login go to  My Purchased Extension section or visit URL
3. Here you will see all your products purchased from
4. Here can click on Generate License Key button and a popup will be displayed where you need to enter your domain where you want to install this extension
5. After you will have link in column Purchased Version. You need to click on that link.
6. After clicking on download link a popup will come and a mail will be sent to you with verification code. Please do not close the popup.
7. You need to enter that verification code in the popup box.
8. After clicking on submit button if verification code will be correct you will get your extension. The extension will be zip folder or tgz folder.
9. After getting extension kindly follow installation guide to install your respective extension.

 Last updated Wed, Aug 3 2016 5:01pm

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