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Can I use your Extensions on multiple sites ?
No, customers can not install our extensions on multiple domains. We only allow for test and live sites of same domains . If customers wants to use it on multiple domains . They have to buy extensions again. 

here is our Licensing Policy -

License Agreement for Domains to be registered while downloading purchased extensions

For any purchased extension, you should have license for your concerned Magento site. If you are moving your Magento to any other domain or to production server or having a development Magento site, do abide by license certification, generated by our support team. Visit at the below given link to create an online ticket and provide the following details, then, new license key generation and license certification will be looked by CedCommerce.
URL link:
For moving Magento to any other domain: provide previous as well new domain on which the extension was/to be installed.
For moving to production server: just inform us by generating an online ticket
As well as development server must contain words like dev, test, development, staging.
Apart from the said conditions, if we get any license violation, then, we can take action based on our license policy.

Multiple Domain license
As per our license policy in multisite case if you will use it only for your store products like, etc then we will provide support for multi site in one license you just need to update us, but if you are creating subdomains for multiple vendors as per their store like, etc then you need to pucrhase licnse for each and every domain as you are using it for creating SAAS based system.
also you can check other things here:
in terms and conditions sectiotn

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