App to eBay

App to eBay

This configuration works for products when managing them from App to eBay. You can also set up the App to eBay Product configuration for each account at an individual level.

Item Location

Item location information is to accurately state the country from where the item will be shipped. A buyer on eBay can view the location of the product when purchasing it.

Select the country and then enter the zip code for the location of your item, finally selecting the state where it is located. It will vary depending on the active account that you wish to use for fulfilling orders on eBay.

Note: You can use different locations for the same product when selling on multiple eBay accounts. For instance, when shipping an item from the US you can enable a warehouse for the US. But when selling in Italy you may use the warehouse located in Italy for the same product.

Default Profile NEW FEATURE

This feature allows you to upload products to eBay without creating custom profiles, streamlining your workflow.

The default profile offers pre-defined settings for uploading products. You can set policies (e.g., payment, shipping, and returns) and templates (e.g., title, category, price) as default for the connected and active eBay account.

Note: Unassigned (unprofiled) products require profile assignment before upload.

Uploading Products Using the Default Profile:

  1. Configure Default Profile:

    • Navigate to the Settings section and select "Product Settings" to manage policies and templates for configuring the default profile.
  2. Upload Products:

    • Navigate to the product management section of the app.
    • Select the products you want to upload to eBay.
    • If any products are unprofiled, you'll be prompted to assign a profile.

      • Choose the "Default Profile" option to upload them using the pre-defined settings.

  3. Upload Confirmation:

    • Products assigned to the default profile will be uploaded to eBay with the configured default profile.

While uploading products, you can't directly move them between default and custom profiles. To reassign products:

  1. For products assigned to the default profile, navigate to the custom profile and use the provided methods
(e.g., query or checkbox) to override their association.

  1. For products in a custom profile, go to that profile and revoke their assignments (making them unprofiled).
  2. Then, select the unprofiled products and upload them using the default profile option during mass actions.

Product Syncing

Enable the option to sync the details of the product automatically, also, you can select the respective fields for which you want to enable the auto-syncing from App to the eBay Marketplace.

You get to choose from,

  • Title
  • Description
  • Price
  • Quantity
  • Main Image
  • Variation images
  • Item Specifics
  • Weight
  • Barcode

End product

Once the option gets enabled the app allows the listing to end automatically on the eBay marketplace.

Sales Tax Details

You can select from the option to use either eBay’s tax rate table or to enter your own sales tax details.

When entering your own tax details, you are required to select your state, and enter your tax percentage manually. You can also select whether or not you want to apply the tax to shipping and handling costs.

Note: You can set Sales Tax only when selling on eBay US & CA websites.

Vat Details

VAT is the percentage rate that will be charged to buyers when an item is purchased from your listing. Enter your VAT percentage after confirming whether you are a Business seller and whether the account is only for business.

Select whether or not you are a business seller, followed by selecting whether your eBay seller account is purely restricted to business or not. Once done, enter the VAT percentage you’re supposed to deduct from the buyers for each purchase.

Note: VAT is not applicable to all countries, including the US. Allowed VAT percentage rates can vary by region/country. Only enter the rates you are legally required/allowed to charge.

Shopify Warehouses

The section lets you select the Shopify store warehouses that are to be used for fulfilling the orders received on eBay. The option lets you select which Shopify warehouse you wish to use.

Currency Converter

The Currency converter is compulsory to have when Shopify currency is different from the currency in use for your eBay accounts. To configure the currency converter you need to select Yes from the drop-down for the query Enable Currency Converter. The app doesn’t ask for currency conversion when the Shopify store and eBay account belong to the same region.

Now you get the option to convert the Shopify store currency to eBay account currency under respective accounts tabs.

eBay Currency is the value of 1 Shopify currency value. I.e. Suppose you sell a t-shirt for € 2 on Shopify. The currency converter will help to get this converted into your eBay shop’s currency. Thus, this t-shirt would appear to be $ 2.10 on (United states website).

1 EUR = 1.05 USD

Note: Under eBay currency, you have to provide the conversation rates for each account by selecting them with respect to the eBay website you have connected to the app.

Match products from eBay

The preference for matching products from eBay are, by default SKU. This will help the app in recognizing your already existing products on eBay and hence avoiding any sort of duplicity issues.

Note: To conduct a successful Matching make sure you have the SKU(s) of the products the same on both Shopify & eBay as it is an essential requirement.

The match from eBay actions runs when you onboard the app. Although it is a one-time process, at times you may find that you need to update the products. The app facilitates you in performing the action once again to get all your Shopify products mapped as uploaded in the app if already listed on eBay.

Add Attribute

The feature lets you set the preferences between Title and SKU to select the eBay attribute you want to match with Shopify Attributes, enable the option, and set the preference for the eBay attribute and Shopify attribute.

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