Can I change the profile for my products in the future?

Can I change the profile for my products in the future?

Yes. You can change the profile for the products at any time. Either create the profile based on new conditions you want to apply, or delete the current profile to create a new one and change the rules and conditions
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    • Can I create a profile by selecting products individually?

      No. Profiles are created only based on a specific condition. Example: If the profile is created based on the condition for "Product Type - T-Shirts", all products with that product type will be assigned to this profile
    • Is listing products on difficult?

      No. Listing your products on marketplace is not difficult with our app through which you can integrate your Shopify store to the online marketplace.
    • How do I upload products to

      To upload the products to, proceed as follows - In the Products section, click All Products. Select the products you want to upload to the marketplace. Then select “Create/Upload Product” from the “Select Bulk Action” drop-down menu and ...
    • How do I edit my products in the Kaufland Integration app?

      Follow the steps below to edit your product details: Click “Products” in the left navigation bar of the dashboard. Click on the 3 dots of the product. An editing icon will appear that you must click on. Before making changes to the product ...
    • Can I create a profile based on collections?

      No. Profiles cannot be created based on your Shopify collections. You must create these based on the Product Type, Supplier, Tags, or Title conditions in the application