Can I create a profile based on collections?

Can I create a profile based on collections?

No. Profiles cannot be created based on your Shopify collections. You must create these based on the Product Type, Supplier, Tags, or Title conditions in the application
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    • Can I create a profile by selecting products individually?

      No. Profiles are created only based on a specific condition. Example: If the profile is created based on the condition for "Product Type - T-Shirts", all products with that product type will be assigned to this profile
    • Can I change the profile for my products in the future?

      Yes. You can change the profile for the products at any time. Either create the profile based on new conditions you want to apply, or delete the current profile to create a new one and change the rules and conditions
    • What is Create/Update Product?

      If you are selling the product for the first time on, this button will create the product. Clicking this button will send the basic information about the product like title, description, image, etc.
    • What is the Create/Update Offer?

      If the product is already listed on, the offer will be created using this button. This button sends the details of price, inventory etc.
    • What is profiling?

      Profiling allows you to categorize a large number of products based on multiple conditions. With these individual profiles you can upload your products from your Shopify shop to the marketplace. It refers to a group of products created ...