The app’s dashboard is solely intended to help sellers have complete insight into the active eBay accounts orders, product and order credits, plan details, analytics, activities, and more.
Just by a glimpse of the dashboard, one can get a clear picture of the entire ongoings on the app.

Active Accounts

The section shows you the Active eBay seller accounts that you’ve connected to the app. The area also lets you view all the current active statuses of these accounts.

Supposed you link 3 eBay accounts from regions US, UK and Germany respectively that are active and running. The app will display 3 out of 3 under the Active Account(s) area. In the event an account gets deactivated on the app, it will start displaying 2 out of 3 under the Active Account(s) area.

Product Credit

You can view product credits available that can help you with product management. The available product credits varies based on your subscribed plan for the application and the products that you’ve imported into the app from Shopify.

For instance, you get 50 product credits under the free plan. Utilizing these credits to upload 15 products to eBay will result in expending of 15 credits. This means the Product Credit area will display 35 left off 50/month.

Order Credit

You can view the order credits available in your account to help you with order management. The available order credits vary based on your subscribed plan for the application and the order that you’ve imported into the app from eBay.

For instance, you get 10 product credits under the free plan. Utilising these credits to import 6 Orders from eBay will result in expending of 6 credits. This means the Product Credit area will display 4 left off 10/month.

Plan Details

Displays the currently active plan subscribed by you. You can view the given details on the Plans section: Current Plan, Current Plan Price, Plan Activated Date, Next Billing Date, and Validity.

Product Analytics

The area displays account-wise product counts and their current status on eBay i.e., Uploaded, Not Uploaded, Error or Ended on eBay.

Note: The products that have been disabled get excluded, i.e., the app does not include the disabled products when displaying the number of products for each connected account.

Order Analytics

The area displays the account-wise tally of eBay orders that have been currently managed through the app from Shopify. The orders that get imported under Failed status do not get included in the analytics.

Order Statistics

The area of the app shows the total number of orders managed and the earnings of each eBay account (6 weeks, monthly or yearly) connected to the app on an individual account level as well as collective data for the same. It is to help you keep a track of revenue generated on orders managed through the application.

Lifetime Revenue

Get the total sum of revenue generated through all the orders that have been managed and processed through the application.


Get easy access to answers to the most common queries and doubts clarification through the FAQs section on the app.

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