Getting error : The listing is not editable, must be active or expired but is removed

Getting error : The listing is not editable, must be active or expired but is removed

If you are getting this error then it means the product you have selected for publishing on Etsy, must be removed by Etsy or you have removed the product earlier.

Here are some ways to resolve this error: 
a.) If the listing is removed from Etsy then must be your product is violating the Etsy policy. 
b.) If you removed the product then follow the steps please:- 
i) Visit All Products, then search for the products that have this error. 
ii) Select the Product & then from the bulk Action, choose 'Unlink listing on app' & hit on Action. 
iii) After this, select the Product again & then from the bulk Action, choose 'Publish on Etsy' & hit on Action. This will upload the product again on Etsy. 
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