How can I add products in the Etsy Shop sections?

How can I add products in the Etsy Shop sections?

To add your products in a specific Etsy Shop section, you are required to follow the below steps:

  • Visit the “Profiling” section of the CedCommerce Etsy Integration application.

  • Edit the Profile for which the products need to be listed in the specific Etsy Shop Section.

  • Locate the ‘About This Listing’ section in the Profile.

  • Click on the dropdown under the ‘Select Shop Section’ option.

  • Choose from the available Etsy Shop Sections in which you want to list the products of this profile.

  • Proceed with the ‘Save’ button.

Once the profile is saved, you need to visit the “All Products” section of the application and republish all the products for the updated profile so that the updated information can be reflected on Etsy.

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