How can I publish my Shopify products on Etsy ??

How can I publish my Shopify products on Etsy ??

In order to publish your products on Etsy you need to follow these steps:-

Make sure you have completed the profiling part for your products before publishing them on Etsy.

  • Visit the “All Products” section under ‘Products’
  • Select the products that you want to Upload on Etsy by clicking on the checkboxes present on each product's left side


  • Then from the ‘Choose Bulk Action’ drop-down select the 'Publish on Etsy' option

  • Hit on the ‘Submit’ button.

Your products will be listed on In case your are showing error while publishing products on Etsy, check the following conditions:

  • Have you provided description for the products?
  • Have you provided dimensions to the products for calculated shipping?
  • Are the prices set for the products under $50K?
  • Have you exceeded the upload limit for the current plan?

Once you provided all the necessary information to your products, they will be successfully listed on

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