How do I edit my products in the Kaufland Integration app?

How do I edit my products in the Kaufland Integration app?

Follow the steps below to edit your product details:

Click “Products” in the left navigation bar of the dashboard.
Click on the 3 dots of the product. An editing icon will appear that you must click on. Before making changes to the product information, please disable sync in the app settings.
Make the necessary changes and then click the Save button.
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    • Is listing products on difficult?

      No. Listing your products on marketplace is not difficult with our app through which you can integrate your Shopify store to the online marketplace.
    • Is Kaufland profitable?

      Yes. Kaufland is one of the largest German online marketplaces where sellers can sell their products and earn significant income from the hyperactive marketplace.
    • How do I upload products to

      To upload the products to, proceed as follows - In the Products section, click All Products. Select the products you want to upload to the marketplace. Then select “Create/Upload Product” from the “Select Bulk Action” drop-down menu and ...
    • Is selling on free?

      No. Kaufland charges a monthly fee of €39.95 as well as a commission on products sold (depending on the type).
    • Do I need a license to sell on

      No. You must create an account on to sell your products.