How To List Variant Products on Amazon?

How To List Variant Products on Amazon?

How To List Variant Products on Amazon?  

If you have product variants listed on Shopify and wish to upload the same on Amazon, you can follow these steps to upload variant products via the app. It will help you seamlessly upload product variants from your Shopify store to Amazon:

  • Open ‘Amazon CedCommerce Channel’
  • Go to the ‘Listings’ section of the app

  • View & edit the variant product that you want to upload on Amazon by clicking on its title.

  • Here you have the option to choose, whether you want to list the variant as an offer listing or a new listing. To know the difference click here

Listing Variant products as an Offer listing

  • If the variant is listed as an offer listing, its category will automatically be saved. So you don’t need to map attributes here.
  • Just select the product condition like new, old, collectible, etc from the drop-down menu.

Note: It is recommended to map this attribute with Amazon’s suggested attribute to ensure error-free listing.

  • Next, click on any variant product to edit its listing, here you can edit, fulfillment type, price, inventory, barcode, and SKU.

  • Save the changes and the product variant will be listed on Amazon. It will show under the Not Listed: Offer section of the app.

Listing Variant product as New Listing

  • Here you can edit product titles, descriptions, handling times, images, etc.

Product Title For the product title you can either use the same name as Shopify or edit the title for Amazon. To customize product product title click on “Set custom product title for Amazon” , a box will appear, enter the new product title, and save.

Variant Description: Same as title, if you want to keep product title same as Shopify select “Set the same product description for Shopify and Amazon” or to add a description of your own select “Set custom product description for Amazon”.

Handling Time: The estimated time between when the buyer places an order and you hand the order over to a specified delivery service. set the handling time for this product.

Price: Similarly for price as well, you can set custom pricing for Amazon or use the same price as Shopify.

Inventory: Here you can choose from online selling and local selling. If you select online selling, you can set the inventory level as Shopify or customize it for Amazon.

If you are also enrolled for local selling, you can add shop detail and inventory for different store.

Amazon Variant SKU: From this section, you can edit the Amazon variant SKU, either keep the same SKU as Amazon or edit it using the “Set custom SKU for Variant” option.

Barcode: Similar to the barcode, you can customize it or use the same Shopify barcode.

Attribute: If you want to map attributes like color, size product type, or anything, you can do so from here.

Note: It is mandatory to map the Shopify attribute with the Amazon attribute to ensure an error-free listing.

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