I cannot upload product images to the marketplace. What should I do?

I cannot upload product images to the marketplace. What should I do?

Please check the quality and resolution of the image. Images may not contain any watermark, trademark or tracking carrier logo. Then click on the “Synchronize from Kaufland.de” button for the selected product on the product page.
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    • How do I upload products to Kaufland.de?

      To upload the products to Kaufland.de, proceed as follows - In the Products section, click All Products. Select the products you want to upload to the marketplace. Then select “Create/Upload Product” from the “Select Bulk Action” drop-down menu and ...
    • What are the different statuses of the product?

      SKU – SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. It is a unique identifier for each of your products and makes inventory tracking easier. It contains all your products that can be sold on Germany's largest marketplace Not uploaded - Products that were ...
    • What does the “Delete Product” button do?

      This button deletes the product from Kaufland.de. The product will no longer be visible on the marketplace.
    • What is the “SKU upload limit”?

      It is the limit of the publication of products at Kaufland. For example, if your upload limit is set to 10, you can publish up to 10 SKUs.
    • What is Create/Update Product?

      If you are selling the product for the first time on Kaufland.de, this button will create the product. Clicking this button will send the basic information about the product like title, description, image, etc.