I have chosen 2 plans by mistake. Can I cancel one of them?

I have chosen 2 plans by mistake. Can I cancel one of them?

If you have already opted for a pricing plan and then chose another one, it simply means your first plan will be canceled automatically. As per Shopify guidelines, at one time, only one recurring plan can be activated for a store. Shopify will adjust the amount of the previously chosen plans with the current plan according to the used duration.

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    • What are your Pricing Plans?

      When you install the CedCommerce Etsy Integration app, you will automatically be enrolled to the Free Plan for the application where you will be able to manage upto 10 Orders/mo via the application. You can upgrade your plan anytime from the ...
    • Can I cancel my plan anytime?

      To cancel your plan, all you need to do is just uninstall the app. Uninstalling the app from your Shopify store will cancel your plan at the very moment. (No Refund will be allowed in this case).
    • Can I link one Shopify listing to multiple Etsy listings?

      No, it is not possible to link one Shopify listing to multiple Etsy listings. The app restricts the linking capability to maintain synchronization between the platforms, allowing only one Shopify listing to be linked to one Etsy listing.
    • Are There Any Discounted Plans Available For The App?

      To know more about the Discounts and Ongoing Offers, it is recommended to connect with the Support Team on Live Chat. The Support Team can help you with the best suited plan according to your needs!
    • If I cancel my plan in the middle of a subscription period, will the app still sync the inventories for my products?

      If you have cancelled your subscription plan, the app will sync the product inventories only until the current validity of the plan. Once the validity period is over, the application will not sync any information between your shops. You will be ...