Migrate from CED Facebook Feed & Ads to CedCommerce TikTok Shop

Migrate from CED Facebook Feed & Ads to CedCommerce TikTok Shop

Migrating your TikTok Shop account from CED Facebook Feed & Ads to CedCommerce TikTok Shop: All you Need to Know

With the recent launch of CedCommerce TikTok Shop, you can now maximize your sales on the leading social commerce channel, TikTok, effortlessly. 

Switching to this newly launched app is easy and fast. Once you migrate to the app, your products, inventory, and settings will be transferred. This means you need not worry about mapping everything once again after your shift. 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to easily switch to the TikTok Shopify app you'll ever need. 

1. Navigate to the Shopify app store and open the CED Facebook Feed & Ads app.

2. Upon clicking on TikTok Shop, you'll be redirected to the new CedCommerce TikTok Shop on Shopify.

3. Install the new app and you will be redirected to the dashboard section

4. Here, you can view your webhooks and plan being migrated to the new app.

And that's it! 

Your account has successfully migrated to the all-new CedCommerce TikTok Shop. Your data and settings will automatically transfer to the new app and your integration will remain active. 

New Pricing Module

Upon using the new app, you will be prompted to opt-in to our advanced pricing module to help better your Shop and business. 

The available pricing plans are as follows: 

While migrating your account, do not disconnect your existing account from the CED Facebook Feed & Ads app. Once your account is successfully migrated to CedCommerce TikTok Shop, it will automatically be deleted from the CED Facebook Feed & Ads app. 

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